worms products

Worms come in a combination of 5 species: reds, blues, european night crawlers, tigers and Africian Night Crawlers ready to start turning your 'waste' into food.  Worm castings, worm juice and aerated worm tea also available.

worm Farms

Permaculture Services

Ideal for managing organic and pet 'waste' at home, in businesses, schools, cafes or anywhere organic waste is produced providing an odourless  and efficient composting process. Easy access to worm castings and juice. Crafted in high quality UV resistant material. Available new in 120L, 140L, 240L and 360L capacity or up-cycled models in 120L and 240L. 

As a qualified Permaculture designer passionate about urban Permaculture, I can create a system that caters to your specific needs or help you improve your current set up. I'm also happy to offer sustainable gardening maintenance services using my own organic preparations to improve the health and productivity of your garden.