120 Litre Worm Farm

NEW $240    up-cycled $210


  • Block of coco peat for bedding.
  • 250g of rock dust to aid worm digestion.
  • 250g agricultural lime to balance PH.
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet
  • Felt food cover to maintain comfortable dark and moist levels.
  • 2 year parts and craftsmanship warranty.  
  • Virtual 24 hour support.
  • Elasticated tie-down to secure lid.

*NO colour choice for up-cycled models.

* Worm farms are made to order, please allow 5 business days after payment is received for pickup.       * Delivery can be arranged in and around Geelong for a small fee.

*Most colours should be readily available for NEW models but I will check with supplier before confirming availability.


Designed to mimic the way nature recycles organic matter and to use the natural behaviour of worms. The system works as a closed loop which allows the continuous feeding of organic matter for the worms to eat, producing a steady supply of castings and worm juice to be harvested regularly for food production in the garden minimizing waste transportation and landfill necessity.

The incorporated vents allow airflow whilst remaining water, insect and vermin proof.

Castings and worm juice are easily accessed through the circular marine door and bottom tap respectively. The depth and size allows for good thermal mass, giving the worms the chance to find cool spots in hot summers, and warm spots when cool.

Built with high quality materials and components to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. 



Ideal for small families ( 1-2 people), early learning centres, primary schools, or offices with only a few people.
2.5 Kg approx. daily "waste" processing capacity

For pet "waste" from 2 x small or 1 x medium.
Easy to locate, even inside as they don’t smell if maintained properly.
Easy to move thanks to its sturdy built and  strong wheels.
Fully sealed with flies, nasties and vermin kept out.
Recognised as a waste receptacle.
Large capacity without being bulky.
Locally crafted in Geelong.
Easy access to worm castings and juice

Overflow safety to protect worms from drowning.