Ernesto sanchez

geelong worms

Geelong Worms comes to existence to educate and provide a sustainable solution to the problem of for organic "waste" management.  Our goal is to inspire and educate the community in urban Permaculture and make worm farming accessible to homes, schools, businesses or anywhere organic "waste" is produced. Organic matter is not waste, it's a very valuable resource that should be processed on site in the way nature intends it to be. Nature is a closed loop system where nothing is wasted and worms play a key role in cycling energy and nutrients back into the system so why not work with nature instead of against it?  

At our demonstration site people can come and learn or we can go and teach about different sustainable technologies applicable in an urban environment, perform waste audits, school incursions or arrange permaculture workshops.

Our worm farms can be purchased new or in up-cycle models where we have used second hand wheelie bins and up-cyclede them by cleaning, fixing and fitting in new parts to turn them into fully functional worm farms at a cheaper price.

Let's start turning waste into food!

Ernesto is passionate about urban permaculture and a believer in education as the most efficient way to bring about change. He has 5 years experience working with worms and worm farming and it was the worms which took him down the Permaculture path. His main focus is in working with children and teaching them about Permaculture and sustainability and his goal is to get worms in every home and business in and around Geelong. He has been involved in education mainly working with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation at Auburn P.S and Weeden Heights P.S delivering their gardening and cooking programs. While working at Weeden Heights he won several grants and the award for the Most Sustainable School in the White Horse City Council in 2014 for the worm farming program implemented at school. He has a background in Business ( Bachelors in Business Administration with honours)  and is also a qualified chef. Ernesto, completed his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in 2012 at Southern Cross Permaculture Institute under the tutoring of Rick and Naomi Coleman and has returned to cook and teach different subjects in their PDC's.  At the end of 2012 Ernesto and MJ bough their first home and have been working since in turning it into a Permaculture demonstration site for people to come, learn and get inspired.