AACT is a brew made following my own recipe containing rain water, mineral rock dust, worm juice, vermicast, molasas, citric acid and kelp extracts. This tea is brewed through an aerobic process for  24 hours where the food and air provided will encourage the active reproduction of all microbiological elements producing a very powerful and concentrated liquid feed for plants and soils. I also use it before a frost as it coats the leafs of plants and provides a bit of extra protection. The AACT is made to order and must be applied with in 12 to 18 hours to achieve maximum benefits as the high concentration of microorganism in the brew will start consuming the oxygen and many of the aerobic elements will perish. The best way to apply the AACT is by spraying over soil and plats using the finest spray setting in your sprayer.

Price: $5 per litre

Actively aerated compost tea

The main reasons for using compost tea are:

  • To provide a quick nutrient kick to the rhizosphere.
  • To begin or continue an inoculation of the soil with a microbial population. Many of these microorganisms will go dormant until called upon later to fulfill their purpose but many of them will grow and flourish, finding their station in the hierarchical positioning of microbes in a living soil. Some, like the fungi will grow out through the soil binding aggregates together, assisting with air and moisture retention, providing pathways for bacteria/archaea, providing a food source for various microorganisms and degrading organic matter to a point where it is available for other organisms.
  • Within a very diverse AACT there will be free living nitrogen fixers, anti-pathogens and a few of the anaerobic and facultative anaerobes which serve their positive role in a living soil.
  • To potentially provide the microorganisms which may assist in protecting plants from pathogens.
  • It allows the use of less worm castings over a given area.