organic waste management solutions

Wether you own or run a café, a restaurant, a child care centre or any type of business or place where organic matter is involved there is a big chance most of it can be managed sustainably on site instead of having to pay someone to pick it up and take it to land fill for you. Our systems can be scaled up or down to suit your needs and budget.

We can:

  • Come to your place of business and assess your organic waste management requirements.
  • Device a worm farming strategy tailored to specific needs in accordance with your current procedures.
  • Train your staff on how to interact and operate the worm farms.
  • Provide you with display materials to boost up your sustainability image.
  • We can service and maintain the worm farms for you.

Being a sustainable business is of paramount importance now a days as it will determine how your customers perceive  and interact with you. Waste management through worm farming is an affordable way to get you started on the green path.