If you don’t have the time or the physical means to dig and plant or your existing veggie garden is overrun by weeds, needs a new season to be planted, you need some compost or much spreaded, give the garden a feed or you’re just after a herb spiral to be thrown in, a worm farm ,composting system or no dig garden to be set up, garden beds assembled, your fruit trees need to be pruned, your produce harvested or even your seeds saved and collected...drop me a line and let me know when and what kind of work you need done.

If you are going away on holiday and need someone to look after your chooks or other animals or perhaps your garden watered and maintained while you're away enjoying your holidays...I'm happy to help!

With this service you’ve already identified the area in your garden where you want the work done and got all the supplies (seedlings, compost, straw, mulch, stakes etc) ready to go. On the agreed day/s I’ll arrive and do the job as professionally and as swift as I can.

This is Just basic Labour @ $20 to $25 per hour.

Garden maintenace

walk, chat & advice

Not sure where to put your veggie patch, chook house, compost or worm farm system?  Or would like to know whether you could grow a food forest, how to improve your soil,  or where is the best spot in your garden to grow food, including where to pop in some fruit trees, a berry trellis or how many chickens you could support.

Drop me a line, I'll pop over to your place, take a walk, have a chat and give you advice on placement and any other recommendations I can help you with (including advice on composting and worm farming, chickens, how to grow certain vegetables & fruit correctly and in the best suitable location. I'll also help you figure out what will and won't work on the site. I can explain different permaculture concepts, techniques and technologies such as wicking beds, how to improve your soil, no dig gardens, reed beds, water harvesting and grey water systems, square foot gardening etc. 

I won’t do any sketches or designs for this service, but it’s a good idea for you to do a quick sketch of your property before the consultation, have a pen and paper handy so you can write down our advice and mark out on your own sketch, where to place things. You're also welcome to record the visit for future references.

Two Hour On Site Permaculture Consultation for $100

basic permaculture design

Perhaps you want a clearer vision of how your permaculture designed garden could look based on an assessment of your property and your specific requirements.  I can draw up a basic permaculture design showing and explaining placement of elements such as a worm farm, composting system, annual and perennial veggie beds, orchard or food forest placement and fencing, poultry runs,  water tank location etc…and how it can benefit your garden.  It's a basic and easy to understand service for those on a small budget.   

After your contact, I'll email you an electronic copy of a Needs Analysis Questionnaire.  After receiving your completed questionnaire, we’ll arrange a meeting, come to your property, and together we’ll have a chat about all your requirements. We'll then walk around the property together and discuss your own ideas and thoughts for the design. I'll then take a walk around your property on my own to observe and assess your property (eg. slope, soil health, sun & wind direction, and all areas we see for best food growing potential), whilst photographing and collecting relevant info. Once home, I’ll fine-tune the sketch and either convert it to a computerised image or a hand drawn image.

Once ready, I'll send you a 3 to 5 page report (could be more depending on your requirements ) including the sketch , hints & tips relevant to each element on your design. I can include suggestions and information on permaculture plants and trees on your design if relevant but won’t include a comprehensive plant list. 

Two Hour On Site + Two to three hours off site starting @ $200.